Hello 안녕하세요 Bonjour  Madhu  こんにちは Hola مرحبا






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I’m still working on his design //laughs I can’t choose his clothes but I’m so excited!! 

Here’s Madhu with his 2 children… Where is his other one? Oh well. Not cannon!

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Well time to work on Madhu’s new design!! Man this guy is ooold!!

WOW MADHU YOU REALLY ARE AN OLD MAN NOW oratleastyoujustlooklikeonehahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

You are not the only one working on designs!! <3

Good luck with your designs everyone!!! lksdahgsldjglh I can’t wait to see all your babies!!! And they’re all be 2 years later!

But 25 is ooooldddd, riccc!!! 

Lol wow I totally NOT forgot about this *Shifts eyes*

Well time to work on Madhu’s new design!! Man this guy is ooold!!

No Madhu. That’s not how you make friends! Wait why are you in the kitten pen?!

Wait Cat? Oh dang. I thought puppy… OH well. Let him chew your cat tails then. 

I watched The Hobbit and yeah, this happened. 

brussellspraut: ☄ : Any AU headcanon (modern, school, medieval, and so on)

There are couple of AU headcanon. They’re of the same world as Hazardous and Bionic.

If his parents never passed away: Madhu will never have become a child soldier. He would have become a Gallium wearer, but he wouldn’t be one until he is in his teens. He would have grew up as a normal adult with a love of speed and cars. Madhu isn’t as strong as the canon but is much more in control of his emotion? He doesn’t fall into a fighter/soldier mode, or something like that. He would grow up in a regular family, with a mom and dad and is an older brother of two siblings. Madhu is less patient than the canon and is a bit rough on kids when dealing with them.

Not found by the  orphanage, the Flying Beluga: He would die at the age of 15. Madhu would have died as a child soldier or ran away from there but died by another clan. Either way, his bones would be crushed for the element ability.

vonbara: *pervyface* Sex headcanon

((Not a virgin that’s for sure. He’s passive and bit shy still. yeah. that’s all Ima say.))



in response to fay and tyler being dinguses

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(I have no excuse)

— Anonymous: If you could change anything about your personality, would you? What would it be?

“I like the way I am, but if I have to then, I would like to be a bit bold.” Madhu grins, “Bold people are pretty fun to hang around with. They’re daring and adventurous.”

— Anonymous: Would you consider your work ethic to be good or bad? Why?

“Work ethic?” Madhu looks confused. “Like my attitude towards my job in Hazardous?” Madhu sits back on the sofa and thinks for a while. “Well, I think it’s good, I guess. I like the people in Hazard and made some friends too. I haven’t met all of them but I hope to meet them all some day.”  He chuckles “The work here is alright I guess; there’s not a lot of mission than I thought there would be to be honest, but I’m not really complaining about that. There’s a high chance that we might encounter the Bionic people during the mission and I know too many peop-.” Madhu cuts himself off and looks side to side. He chuckles nervously. “I won’t get fired from this right? Wait, am I even answering the question properly?”

— Anonymous: Favourite color?

“I don’t have a favourite colour to be honest.” Madhu pauses and his olive eyes turns up to the ceiling. “Just because I wear green hoodie often, it doesn’t mean green is my favourite colour…” he trails off and in a small voice “Someone told be it pops out the colours in my eyes.” Colour dusts his cheeks.